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Your Guide

My name is Sam Jones and I have lived in the upstate of South Carolina all my life. I grew up fishing for trout in streams and rivers with my grandfather. I have been a Lake Jocassee trout guide since 2001 and have been fishing for trout on Lake Jocassee since 1978. I only guide on Lake Jocassee so that I will always know the best locations and techniques for catching trophy trout year round. 

To be a success as a professional fishing guide is to have guests want to come back and fish with me again and again because of the awesome all around fishing experience they had, not just catching a lot of trout. Don’t get me wrong, the ultimate goal is to catch lots and lots of big trout!

I want to be more than a fishing guide, I love to teach anglers how to fish with downriggers and planers and how to use other fishing equipment like fishfinders and GPS.
I allow the anglers the chance to help as little or as much as they want. This will help them become better fishermen on not only Lake Jocassee, but on other lakes as well.
I am also Fishing Santa. I found the Santa in me in 2015 and would not trade it for anything. While working in Cabela's fishing department I was asked to wear the red. About an hour in I knew this was another blessing I fell into. After 3 years as Santa Sam I decided to change to Fishing Santa to merge my two businesses together. Be sure to check out FishingSanta.com for more about that.


Sam Jones and Lake Jocassee were featured in South Carolina Sportsman April 2012

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